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Significance of Aashaada maasa

Significance of Aashaada maasa

It is said in the shaastraas that we should bathe in the Taapi river in the month of Aashaada. At least one should remember the river Taapi when taking bath. It is said that Taapi being the daughter of Sun-god, is the embodiment of all good qualities. When washing away the sins of people, how can she be affected wrongly ? In the Kruta yuga, she originated in the month of Aashaada, and hence its our duty to remember her in this month.

In the past, when a competition came up between Ganga and Taapi, it was decided that Taapi, with her superior qualities was superior. During that time, when a brahmin wanted to be freed of all his sins and he was going towards the Ganga, but upon hearing the greatness of Taapi, prefered Taapi over Ganga, bathed for 3 days upon which his fallen tendencies and greatest sins were washed away just by taking bath in the Taapi river. From then onwards, all the great sages and brahmins start seeking the help of Taapi, not even considering this. The left Ganga despressed, and grew jealous of Taapi. Seeing the plight of Ganga, Lord Brahma appeared in front of Ganga and enquired the reason for her depression. Ganga said, "O Lord, daughter of SUn-god, Taapi has acquired fame and surpassed all other rivers. The people bathing in her waters are attained great worlds. The people who were bathing in my waters are now seeking Taapi. What happened to your promise of making me as the most revered river ?"

Upon hearing this, Brahma ordered Naarada, "Hey Naarada, destroy the greatness of river Taapi immediately." When Naarada tried to do so, he lost all his knowledge and went back and fell at Brahma's feet. Brahma, realizing Taapi's greatness, asked Naarada to surrender to the same Taapi river. Naarada did the same and was freed from ignorance. Naarada went back to Brahma and asked him to destroy Taapi's greatness himself. Brahma went to Taapi, and started praising her. When Taapi enquired about Brahma;s sudden visit, Brahma instructed her to go back to Heaven and she followed suit.

Then, Ganga was happy. We should remember Taapi who made it to heaven from Earth in this month of Aashaada.


ಅಚೋದ್ಯಮಾನಾನಿ ಯಥಾ ಪುಷ್ಪಾಣಿ ಚ ಫಲಾನಿ ಚ|

ಸ್ವಂ ಕಾಲಂ ನಾತಿವರ್ತಂತೇ ತಥಾ ಕರ್ಮ ಪುರಾ ಕೃತಂ ||

अचोद्यमानानि यथा पुष्पाणि च फलानि च ।

स्वं कालं नातिवर्तन्ते तथा कर्म पुरा कृतम् ॥

Flowers and fruits are borne by plants at the right times wihtout anybody overseeing them. Similarly, our prvious deeds fructify and yield fruits when the time is ripe.

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