Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birth of Ganga

Birth of Ganga


वैशाख-शुक्ल मास-सप्तमी-पुश्य नक्षत्र-शूलयोग-गजकरण

Vaishaakha-Bright Fortnight-Seventh day

This was the day on which Jahnu drank all the water, (from the Ganga river) which engulfed his homakunda, in a bust of anger, and when Bhageeratha begged pardon, could let the river flow again. Hence, the river Ganga is also known as Jaahnavi (जाह्नवि / ಜಾಹ್ನವಿ), meaning coming from Jahnu.

This being the day the most revered river "Ganga", one should remember Ganga on this day. Having come to this Earth, she is cleansing the people of their sins. While bathing in our homes, she can be invoked just by remembering her at the time of using water. Such water will cleanse our minds of all sins and bad thoughts. She is said to have flowed in the devaloka (देवलोक / ದೇವಲೋಕ) as well, hence getting the name "Dyunadi" (द्युनदी / ದ್ಯುನದಿ). It is said that this river will never dry up. Being the eldest daugther of Himavanta, she came down to the plains through the Herculian effort of Bhageeratha. She is also known by other names as: nandini (नन्दिनी / ನಂದಿನಿ) , nalini (नलिनी / ನಲಿನಿ) , seeta (सीता / ಸೀತಾ), maalati (मालती / ಮಾಲತಿ), malaapaha (मलापहा / ಮಲಾಪಹ) etc.

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